The Ginetta G60

The Ginetta G60 looks like a complete mess on paper as it has morphed from horrible car to horrible car model including revolutions from the Faboud to the Farbo and finally onto the Ginetta.  However, in reality it is just a small Ford V6 that has a small 310bhp hidden under the carbonfibre skin.  The upside of the car is that it is sleek and looks like as sporty as a Porsche, despite the fact that it does not have a servo in the braking system or even ABS braking.  With all of this in mind it’s hard to make a strong case for purchasing the car.

There is one redeeming factor to the Ginetta G60 however, it only weighs 1080kg which is almost a full 300kg lighter than both the 911 Carrera and over 200kg lighter than the Cayman R.  Of course, there are a few things missing to help keep the stats so low, so before making any decisions on the car its best to take a look at what is under the hood starting with the fact that it does not have power anything which means you have to do all the work manually.

The body work is completely carbon fibre helping to lighten it up as does the steel chassis that is able to give the engine a powerful 60mph in just 4.6 seconds despite its small horsepower under the hood.  Able to reach a maximum speed of 165mph, the carbon use in the body and the relatively stunning performance of the vehicle is the main reason why some people may be willing to pay the high £68,000 price tag.  Of course, there is also the fact that the car simply looks good, which is enough to get some people interested in it.

The overall design makes it easy to feel good while driving the Ginette G60 given the fact that its athletic and sits low to the ground while offering a piece of glamour to those that drive it.  It is extremely sophisticated to look at and driving it offers an instant thrill.  Add in some of the colors that it comes in such as orange with chrome detailing and it is easy to see how seductive the car can be on the road.

The interior is also up to par with the outside of the car given the fact that the console is also made out of carbon and holds a touchscreen control center for just about everything in the car from audio to sat nav to climate control.  Add in the silver dials that sit behind the steering wheel and you have everything you could ever need within your reach from the driver’s seat.

The downside is that as great as the driver feels to get into the car, the driving is not so great as the steering can be very heavy while at lower speeds on the highway and the brakes are on the chunky side forcing the driver to give them quite a shove to make them work.  In short, it’s a bit like driving a racecar in real life and for those who have never had that experience it can be intimidating to take out the G60 for the first time as they seem more like malfunctions than real features.