Goldfinger Aston Martin sells for £2.6m

The Aston Martin Sean Connery drove in the movie “Goldfinger” was recently sold at auction in London.

It fetched £2.6m from a car collector in Ohio.  When asked what he would do with the 1964 DB5, he said that he would drive it through London that night and have a little fun.  After that, he plans to place it in his museum back in Ohio.

The Aston Martin comes fully outfitted with all the gear from the classic Bond film, such as browning machine-guns, bulletproof glass, and an advanced type of GPS navigating system.

Its previous owner was a broadcasting executive named Jerry Lee who spent $12,000 USD for the car back in 1969.  The sale proceeds are slated to go to Mr. Lee’s charitable foundation for education and crime prevention.

Bond’s author, Ian Fleming, originally envisioned the car as a Bentley.  The movie producers decided they liked the Aston Martin, instead.