Government wants to change everything about car emissions

Research funding was announced to today, by the Government, addresses how manufacturers can possibly change the entire carbon footprint of vehicles and not just to reduce the tailpipe emissions.

A total of £10 million of grant funding by The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) for low carbon vehicle research will enable research into the possibility manufacturing vehicles using recycled or recyclable materials, designing more efficient vehicles through the use of electric vehicle subsystems and to how to make the performance of electric motors and power motors more efficient.

The major of carbon that is released into the atmosphere is through tailpipe emissions and that is what to date the UK manufacturers of cars has focused on reducing. But now the focus is changing to lowering the CO2, resources and energy that goes into the producing of vehicles.

The new funding was announced by Mark Prisl, Business Minister saying low carbon growth was a commitment for the Government and the research money underlined that. UK needs to remain the leader in low carbon vehicle manufacturing and the grant money will ensure that.

Gordon Murray Design is one of the major companies that is pushing the boundaries for vehicle manufacturing where low carbon is concerned. The T.25 vehicle concept has been the company’s main focus and the T.27 an electric demo prototype.

The company is also involved with the research into the iStream way of designing and manufacturing vehicles that is uses a revolutionary way by taking into account the total usage of the carbon with that of the whole life of the scarce energy and resources used.