Greenest car in Europe from Ford

Ford Motor Company is about to introduce the greenest automobile in Europe, according to reports from the company.   At the Amsterdam Motor Show next week, Ford will be presenting the Focus ECOnetic, a higher mileage, lower emissions addition to the genre of eco-friendly vehicles.  The first ECOnetics will go on sale early in 2012 for the European market, but if they meet expectations that market will expand to the U.K. and beyond.

The ECOnetic has a new version of the Ford 105bhp 3.6 litre diesel Duratorq with enhanced charge cooling and friction reduction as well as a new injection system and turbocharger.  Ford says it will travel 100km on 3.5 litres of diesel fuel, or about 80 miles per gallon.  It will also deliver less than 95g per kilometre in co2 emissions, once the certifications are completed later this year.

A lot of different technologies have been incorporated to maximize fuel efficiency, starting with aerodynamics.  The body is streamlined with some innovations including active grill covers, low-friction tires and low-drag wheel covers.   An automatic stop/start-up will turn the engine off when the vehicle is idling at stop lights or other relatively long delays.

Another addition is the Eco Mode, a driver’s monitor that notes how the vehicle’s operator is driving and offers advice on how to improve his or her technique to get better fuel efficiency.   The ECOnetic will be available in both five-door hatchback and four-door sedan models, and it could be more fuel-efficient than even scooters or motorcycles.  So far no price range has been announced.