A look at the highly anticipated Peugeot Onyx supercar

Peugeot’s cars are known for their reliability, performance and affordability and it seems like the French manufacturer will live up to their reputation with the upcoming Peugeot Onyx. The concept of this supercar was presented recently and it was appreciated by young and old fans of cars.

The car is made of materials which have been processed as little as possible in order to prevent pollution. The designing team that worked on the car’s appearance said that they were inspired from the world of competition. The Onyx is mounted with a powerful V8 engine which is position in the rear. The intuitive instruments and controls are certainly a new feature and they’ll greatly enhance the experience of driving a supercar. The concept revealed an aesthetic car which will surely surpass the expectations of many people.

Peugeot is a company that was founded 202 years ago, but they’ve never stopped expressing their passion for innovation. The French company is one of the leading manufacturers in the automotive industry and many of their cars top the sales charts in their class.

The most interesting fact is that the new Onyx concept won’t be just a car – the company will also offer a bike and a scooter which will also have a futuristic look and offer many new features. All concepts will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show which is scheduled for the end of October.

The body work is handmade by trained and experienced craftsman who’ve done their best to give the Onyx a unique look that everyone will remember. The doors and wings are made of a monolith copper sheet, while other panels are made of carbon fibre which is painted in matt black.

The car’s front presents a vertical grille embellished by full LED lamps. Of course, the surface area is reduced to a minimum in order to reduce drag. The unique flow spreads into two parts, one that enters into the vehicle’s heart and provides the engine with air and the one which goes along the sides and the beautiful double-bubble roof which pays tribute to the RCZ.

The final touch on the Onyx are the astonishing rear lamps and the three claws, a signature of Peugeot. The designers have united beauty and aerodynamics in order to reduce the car’s Cd to 0.30.

A big fraction of the car is fully transparent and gives the viewer a sneak peek in the car’s carbon fibre structure and the cosy passenger compartment. The roof and the windows are made of PolyMethil MethAcrylate, a very resistant material which encloses the body.

One of the most innovative components of the Onyx is the chassis and although it stays hidden, we feel obligated to say a few words about it. IT was developed by Peugeot Sport and the Research & Development Department. The central structure is made of monolithic carbon and it features just 12 parts thanks to which the rear and front chassis legs are united without the need of connected plates. The chassis is very strong and light, weighting just 100kg.

The Onyx won’t lack power as well. This is sure, because of the .7-litre V8 hybrid HDi FAP engine which will meet the expectations of the most fanatic speed junkies. This state-of-the-art piece of technology is cooled through the ducts which are positioned on the roof.

The V8 engine provides the rear wheels with 600bhp and the six-speed gearbox gives you complete control over the power transmitted to the wheels. The car measures at 4.65mx2.20mx1.13m (LxWxH) and weighs only 1100kg. The tires were specially developed and manufactured by Michelin. Two 20” 345/30 rear wheels and two 20” 275/30 front wheels complete the stunning appearance of the Onyx.

The intelligent Hybrid4 technology takes advantage of the kinetic energy which would be otherwise lost during braking. All the energy is stored in special lithium-ion batteries and it is used when the car is accelerating, delivering a boost of 80bhp. The Onyx is the perfect combination between performance, aesthetics and reliability.