Home and away car breakdown cover

We are always hearing in the news about how cars are becoming more and more expensive to run but despite it there are more and more people taking their driving tests and taking even more cars out on the road. Whether you are a new driver or one with a long motoring history, you all know that to drive you have to have road tax, insurance and a valid MOT certificate but there are certain extras that you really should have in place too, and one of these is breakdown insurance.

Breakdown cover is no different from any other kind of insurance in that the prices and levels of cover vary from company to company, and a package that suits one driver will not suit another, so it is vital that you get the cover that you need personally, and by shopping around you will also save yourself some money. Carbreakdowncover.com is an excellent comparison site that will bring up a multitude of results in just a few clicks of a mouse and get you the best cover a the best price.

When you are looking for your breakdown cover makes sure you only include the components that you will use, and don’t pay for things you will never need. This may seem like common sense but many have found out too late that they are doing exactly that. A prime example of this is discovering that you are paying for cover when driving in Europe, which you will never need if you only use your car for social and domestic purposes.

This is classed as basic cover wherein you will receive roadside assistance if your car breaks down when you are more than a mile from home. This distance can vary however so check with the company you are considering going with to see what they offer. If your car cannot be fixed at the roadside it will be towed to a garage in your locality for the repairs to be carried out there.

If you don’t have this cover in place and break down on a motorway and have to towed from the shoulder you are looking at paying around £250, which could be as much as 10 times what your breakdown cover will cost you for a year. Those whose cars tend to be temperamental in the mornings would benefit from the homestart component which will see someone coming to your home to get the car going, a boon for those who have no other means of getting to work.

If you drive for long distance, perhaps for business, then the onward travel extra is worth considering, Depending on the company you use, you could get either a hire car to continue your journey or be able to recoup the cost of public transport to complete your journey. Most tend to go for the former as you may break down somewhere that has scant public transport, making it difficult to continue your journey in this way and find it is worth paying that bit extra for the hire car.