What the new Honda Civic has to offer

One of Honda’s most popular ranges of car, the new Civic range is designed to offer drivers even more benefits and features than before. With new technologies and systems characterising the new Honda Civic 2012, find out more about what is on offer for drivers.


Perhaps the first thing to note about the new Civic is its improved engine. The i-VTEC and i-DTEC petrol and diesel engines deliver the best levels of performance whilst remaining as efficient as possible. In fact, the 1.8 litre petrol i-VTEC is said to be equivalent to having two engines in one car. This is because the power which is delivered is akin to that of a 2 litre engine whilst the efficiency is similar to that of a smaller engine, making its inclusion within the new Honda Civic 2012 justified.

Safety and comfort

Safety and comfort are important within any vehicle and the new Civic makes sure that this requirement is addressed. Whiplash lessening headrests are a standard feature of the new car and are designed to provide both support and comfort whilst protecting drivers and their passengers from damage during collisions. 3-point emergency locking retractor seatbelts are also included with a reminder system in place for both front and rear seats. This helps drivers and passengers of the Civic 2012 stay safe and secure at all times.


Of course, lowering noise pollution is considered almost as important as lowering carbon emissions these days and is therefore a main concern. It is for this reason that the new Honda Civic is designed to have an exceptionally quiet engine, ensuring that both performance and efficiency are provided to drivers.

Driving experience

The combination of these features means that the driving experience which is offered by the Honda Civic is as good as it can possible be. A number of other additional features mean that this new vehicle is able to cope with the demands placed on it by drivers whilst ensuring they have the smoothest possible journeys.

Two of the main features which are provided in the Civic 2012 are ‘Idle Stop’ and ECO assist. The former of these is a technology which automatically disengages the engine when the car is stationary for an extended period of time – such as when in congested traffic. This helps to lower fuel consumption but ensures drivers are not disrupted by working automatically. The engine is re-engaged as soon as the accelerator is pressed, allowing the car to restart and begin moving again without any disruption.

ECO assist is also designed to improve the efficiency of the vehicle by helping drivers to control their vehicle more efficiently. The technology seems drivers prompted over when to change gear with a colour changing speedometer registering how efficiently the vehicle is being driven. This is a great feature of the new Civic, allowing drivers to make long-term changes to their driving habits to ensure they are as efficient as possible when behind the wheel.