The new Honda Civic

Many people who are not experts in buying cars, and just see them as a way to get around, often think that they all look alike. However, even to the unrefined eye, the Honda Civic definitely has a different appearance. The modern Civic launched its first model in 2006 in Switzerland and many people were overwhelmed with how different the car looked, it seems to be a mix between a jet fighter and a pyramid.

Inside the car was also different from what was else was on the market, and there was a  huge number of displays and switches that all seem to do very complex things. Initially, the car was very impressive but those who test drove it were disappointed by how the car performed and they found the car delivered a noisy ride and the steering was insensitive.

Many people saw the car as focusing on style over substance, it was also something of a step back for Honda in terms of ride quality but a step forward in terms of style. The financial crisis has had a significant effect on the car manufacturer and its sales in Europe have dramatically declined.

In the UK, figures have been particularly bad and this year sales figures were around half of their 2006 amount. The supply for the company has also been greatly affected by the flooding in Thailand and the Fukushima disaster.

Honda are hoping that the new version of the Civic will be something of a turnaround for them in the European market. However, manufacturing has recently been affected by the above-mentioned disasters and the factory, which is located in Swindon, has had to be put on part-time production because of a lack of parts.

Compared with the previous Civic, this car has had some changes made to its dimensions. The car is slightly longer and slightly lower to the ground. It also has a much shorter wheelbase and this brings the most dramatic affect the appearance of the car. In general, the car is not as attractive as its predecessor but the mechanical changes have had a great impact on the performance of the car.

Kazuo Sunaoshi was a development leader on the design of the new car and he has said that its new looks are designed for effectiveness and he has recently commented, “The reason for the changes to the car are to improve stability at high speeds and reduce the amount of drag that the car has.”

Inside the car there are also several changes but the facia still maintains a split level appearance. There is also more logic to the dials and switches as they have been bundled together dependent on their function. The quality of the interior also seems to have been greatly improved and everything seems to fit together rather more nicely.

There is also a screen on the centre console which has a great deal of information about the car including air conditioning, satellite navigation and radio and CD options. One notable thing is that the seats are definitely more comfortable and the people in the back seat also have a lot more space. Unfortunately, for people who have large feet, they will find that when driving the car some of the pedals might be a little tricky to operate due to a strengthening bar.