The Honda CR-V may not be exciting but it makes up for it in reliability

The new Honda CR-V does not have a lot of thrills and extras, but it is an extremely reliable vehicle for adults that want a solid car for family and work transportation. True, it’s not the most exciting vehicle and it is really just a larger car with a SUV jacket on it, but in the end it is still a comfortable, capable, safe, reassuring, and efficient vehicle.

The term CR-V actually stands for Compact Recreational Vehicle which is a really apt description of the vehicle as it is smaller than a full sized SVU but still offers drivers plenty of room to move around. The new model has both two and four wheel drive depending on where you live and are comfortable driving. However, as far as power goes you are not going to get much seeing as it only has a two litre petrol engine.

For this very reason, it may be a better idea to choose the 2.2 i-DTEC diesel engine unit because of the two it is the more efficient and cleaner engine. As a fourth generation vehicle in the CR-V range, Honda has done a great job tuning up the engines and you will likely love what you hear, which is a whole lot of nothing while the car is running.

The best benefit of the newest model of the CR-V is no doubt the fact that it has a no-nonsense approach to the interior. Cupholders abound however, and the very high set ceiling and glass roof create the illusion that the vehicle is much bigger than it really is in reality. Toss in a great boot that can hold just about anything once you fold over the passenger seats in the back and you can also haul just about anything around.