Honda launching new sports car

Reports are going around that Honda is getting ready to put a sports car on the market once more.  About two years ago similar reports began to build that the carmaker was looking for a return to its NSX line, featuring a 10-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive.  Reports of a new sports car are not as dramatic, but talk is once again being heard about the possibility of a high performance Honda.

This new vehicle would, supposedly, employ mid-engine design and a hybrid powertrain.  The rumours are also stirring that a new sports car might be built from a remodelled tailoring of the Accord front-wheel-drive.

It is suggested that the 3.5 litre engine in its reliable V-6 configuration would power the car in combination with a high performance hybrid powertrain.  This new set up would have electric assist for the V-6 and could possibly be driven strictly by electrics at times.

The report said the performance package could deliver 400 horsepower through a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission.

At this point, the Honda sports car is all speculation, but someone within the company must be speculating very actively for all of these rumours and reports to be leaking.  Still, with all of the pre-production and post-production work needed to put such a vehicle on the assembly line, an actual auto probably could not come of all of this until 2014, even if it were begun today.