Honda to send in the hybrids

Honda is investing itself something huge in the future of the environmentally friendly automobile.  Even as they are working on the hydrogen fuel cell Charity in California, they have developed three hybrid cars for use in the UK.

All of the cars feature the excellent standards Honda is known for as far as engine reliability, quality build, and innovation in design.  They come with impeccable green credentials that are bound to have the most stoic environmentalists applauding their eco-friendliness.

The first of these three impressive hybrids is the Honda Insight.  This is the least costly car among Honda’s green choices.  Its top speed is just above 110 MPH and it can do 62 MPH from a standing start in under 13 seconds.  It’s a four-door mid-size automobile that gets a little better than 64 MPG and has a 100,000-mile warranty.

Our next Honda hybrid is probably the best looking one of the lot, the Civic Saloon.  It will go as fast as 115 MPH and will achieve 62 MPH from a standstill in a slight bit more than 12 seconds.  It’s MPG rating is a speck above 61 MPG and it has luxurious enough looks for the well-appointed executive.

The CR-Z is a bit of an enigma.  It’s touted as a sporty coup, but might be better described as a hot hatch.  It boasts a 1.5 litre engine that is as environmentally friendly as the others in its class.  Even given its green ambitions, the CR-Z features some very sporty performance.  While the Civic Saloon may be the most attractively packaged of the three, the CR-Z is the most fun to drive.

Before you get too excited about these choices, know that Honda is planning to release a fourth hybrid into the mix, which will be an environmentally friendly variation on the very popular Honda Jazz.