Hybrid is the buzz word at Paris Motor Show

CEOs, executives, and beautiful women were recently seen strutting the stages in Paris.  It wasn’t a command performance or some sort of fashion show, it was the Auto Show and there was a lot of talk about the resurgent car market.  Analysts believe the European Market is optimistic after two dreadful years due to the recession.

Still, nowhere is the auto market as hot as it is in Brazil or China, with China now surpassing the U.S. as the world’s biggest car market.  Many manufacturers who were touting their wares in Paris will be scrambling to grab market share in these two countries.

Hybrids and low-emission cars are the focus this year, as consumers continue to struggle with prices at the pumps.  Everyone wants to show how fuel efficient and green their latest offerings have become.

Standing out among this class of cars was the Renault ZE (zero emissions) line.

Meanwhile, Ford has made the Focus its car of the world and will be building over 2 million of them from the same platform in a hope to win the economics of scale.