New Hyundai 4×4 delivers both inside and out

The Santa Fe 4×4 is a new car from Hyundai and it is going to be appreciated by people who enjoy how 4×4 cars look. Unlike many of the 4x4s currently on the market, it does have the proper strength and design that you would expect from a vehicle that is capable of going off-road.

It is a no-nonsense vehicle that is very durable and has enough space for the sort of activities you might be doing out in the country, rather than in the city. As with all cars by Hyundai it also comes with the five-year warranty which does not expire no matter how many miles you travel.

In 2012 there are going to be eight different versions of the car released, four of them have five seats available, and four of them have seven seats. There are two different specifications available on the car, Premium and Style.

All of the vehicles come with the same 2.2 litre engine which has 194 brake horsepower from a turbodiesel engine. Those who buy the car will have a choice of whether to go for automatic or manual transmission. The price of the car starts at just under £24,000, and the top of the range model costs just over £28,000.

The new models that are being released this year have a slightly different interior to those that have been seen before. The rearview mirror has had some design changes and the automatic transmission has undergone some significant improvements.

Technically, the car now comes with something called brake control, which assists the driver when the vehicle is going down a steep hill. The car is also been fitted with speed sensitive door locks so that when you start driving all of the doors will lock automatically.

It is almost certain that the most popular car is going to have automatic transmission as in this sort of vehicle they are becoming a standard for the industry. Some experts are quite surprised at the company have even given people the option of going for a manual gearbox.

It is also likely that most people are not going to go for the more expensive, Premium option for the car as it doesn’t really add a great deal extra. The Style option has plenty of equipment and nice trim and it will make people think it would be a bit of a waste of money to pay the extra £2000 for a slight upgrade.

From the outside the car does look a little bit boring and the restyle externally has made it lose some of its character. Before it looked rather distinctive from other SUVs on the market, but now it looks much more like one of the crowd. It is interesting that the manufacturer have decided to do this as one of the reasons it was probably so popular the first time around was because of its unusual looks.

The car has all of the usual aspects you would expect on a 4×4 including mudflaps, a spoiler, two exhaust pipes, protective plates under the car, and large alloy wheels. Inside the car there are also plenty of great features including air conditioning, electronic door mirrors, a six speaker sound system and special places for anchoring child seats.

The ride in the car is pretty comfortable and the suspension has clearly been set at a softer, rather than a harder setting. This makes the car feel a little unresponsive compared to the old version but the sacrifice for comfort seems to be worthwhile. For customers who want a sensible 4×4, this is going to be a great choice for them.