The Hyundai i40 estate car

The Hyundai i40 is just an estate car and the Korean manufacturer is hoping that they will be able to attract retail customers to the vehicle. They hope to do this by combining a good price with excellent specifications and modern styling. For a car of it size it also has impressive fuel economy.

Hyundai usually take a different attitude with their cars are they are not marketed in this way. Normally the manufacturer offers then with a long warranty and a good price which make you think that they car you are going to be buying will never die but it won’t exactly been enjoyable to drive.

The company expect the i40 with the manual transmission and the diesel engine to be the most popular. It will have the option of having cruise control, satellite navigation, folding mirrors, a parking camera, dual zone A/C, and privacy glass. The cost of the car with all these features is a little over £22,000 and to give you an idea of the price of a similar car in the market; a Ford Mondeo on the same specifications will cost about £3,000 more. The i40 is cheaper, but not so much so that if it doesn’t perform people will still want it.

Buyers should be careful as there are different variations of the car. The manufacturer has been saying that the car produces emission levels that will mean you only have to pay £30 a year in tax. This is correct for some of the models, but if you don’t go for one of these you will end up paying the, significantly higher, tax rate of £115.

The managing director of Hyundai in the UK is Tony Whitehorn, about the i40 he said, “This doesn’t look like your typical estate car. It is designed to look different and better.” The way that the back of the car is raked means that the i40 has a pleasant to look at profile and the front of the car actually looks better on the estate model than it does on the coupé. It might not be the biggest estate out there but most people will find that there is more than enough space in it to meet their needs. They will also find it easy to use as the seats fold down tidily.

The inside of the car is a bit average. It is by no means bad, but it doesn’t stand out the way the interior does with the Peugeot 508. There is however the issue of the centre console which is massive, and ugly. That said, the switches are all in the right places and controlling the car seems intuitive and is very easy to get used to.

On the road the i40 is great, especially compared with the rest of Hyundai’s range. It might be a little noisy, but you will forgive the diesel engine for this considering the great fuel efficiency the car has. The performance is respectable compared with the rest of the range.