Hyundai Santa Fe SUV

It has recently been announced that the new Santa Fe SUV that has been created by Hyundai is going to arrive in the middle of October, and it is very much thought that it is going to be very popular. The car comes with an exceptional warranty, which is going to give people the confidence that they can buy the car, and not have to repair it for a very long time.

The base model of the vehicle costs over £25,000, and it comes with a 2.2 litre engine, and still offers very impressive performance for the lowest model in the range. Right at the other end of the spectrum, there is another model which retails for nearly £35,000.

This sort of SUV was first launched in the UK in 2001, and since that time it has sold a great number of cars. Hyundai has stated that they expect to sell 4300 of the new version of the car when it hits showrooms.

In many ways it is quite similar to the previous generation of the car, although it has had some serious upgrades. The engine is one of the most notable changes, and although it is still 2.2 litres, it has had some technical upgrades. It is now producing less carbon dioxide, and if you choose the manual version of the car, then the carbon dioxide figures are particularly impressive, especially for a car of this size.

The suspension has also undergone some serious improvements on the previous model, and it seems as if the dampers have been improved in order to deal with UK’s deteriorating roads. In addition to the suspension, stability has been improved by the introduction of various technologies, such as the hill start assist system.

There are three different trim levels available with the car, and it is available with either five or seven seats. However, don’t think that because you’re going to go for the lowest trim option that it is not going to be an impressive vehicle.

Even the basic level has a wide variety of options, and altogether it is very impressive. The higher level of the car comes with Bluetooth and voice recognition, as well as air conditioning, and touchscreen navigation. The car also has a keyless entry system, which is a futuristic touch that many people are going to enjoy.

This is the first vehicle from the manufacturer to come with what is known as a pedestrian friendly bonnet. This is something that cushions the impact when someone is struck with the car, which makes it a much safer vehicle for pedestrians. Inside the vehicle, there is also a great deal more space, and there are nearly 600 litres of luggage space, which is significantly more than the previous version.

The president of Hyundai motors in the UK is Tony Whitehorn and he is recently commented, “We know that the buyers of the car are some of the most loyal customers, and we sort out their feedback from the previous generation of the car in order to improve this latest vehicle. We are certain that this new version is going to appeal to both our existing customers, as well as new people who are interested in the brand.”

This sentiment is something that is echoed by the marketing director of the company and he has stated that more people are going to be drawn to Hyundai because of this new vehicle. He has commented, “This is a market that appeals to people who are buying for a family, typically people in middle age. Most people in this bracket are beginning to realise that they don’t need a real 4×4, but just one with the amount of size that it offers.”