Impreza WRX STI Travis Xbox

A single Impreza WRX has been built by Subaru of the US to commemorate Travis Pastrana’s third successive National Championship in Rally America
Subaru are going to display this single Impreza WRX STI this weekend at the automobile show in Chicago. It was built in tribute to, the guy who succeed in winning nine medals in the X Games and three uninterrupted National Championships in Rally America, Travis Pastrana who is an expert at turning tricycles over backwards as well

A pile of bits and pieces grabbed from Vermont Sports Car’s race team are included in the Travis Scooby running parts tub, so this yellow Impreza boasts a  2.5-litre engine giving 305hp, upgraded strut supports, black alloy wheels-18-inch, brake callipers in red by Brembo, carbon fibre wings and hood, and  silly stickers on the tyres.

The interior displays “199 Pastrana” icons sown onto the seats, carbon fibre frill, and a mammoth Eclipse and Kicker stereo satellite navigation system and an Xbox 360. We’d really like to drive it, not the Xbox, the car.