iPhone features set to appear on your dashboard

Following the announcement of the Siri Eyes Free Feature on the iPhone, the manufacturer has shown their intention to integrate the iOS into your vehicle too. 9to5 Mac has released a report which states that apple has approached vehicle manufacturers to include an in-car iPhone hardware which will allow the apple screen to be displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard.

According to insiders familiar with Apple, motor vehicle manufacturers will update their car center consoles to include a feature through which iOS devices such as the iPhone can be connected. For example, instead of the standard GPS systems that are found in motor vehicles, a driver can connect the iPhone to the vehicle, and a redesigned version of Apple Maps will appear on the dash-board display.

The Dashboard will mirror the Maps application which will be on the iPhone screen, and the driver will be able to use his or her voice to control it, via Siri. It is not surprising that Apple is running to make the vehicle a hands-free assistant app. Most people spend a lot of time in their vehicles, and it is important to enable them to continue with their digital connections even whilst driving.

The report does not mention how soon the plans will be revealed. These features will be based on iOS7, which is yet to be announced at the WWDC in June, indicating that a public release is not expected in the short-term.

The slow pace of the Eyes Free feature is an indication that the full integration is still way off. In June Last Year, at WWDC 2012, Apple had announced that the Siri Eyes Free would be integrated in Audi, BMW, Honda, Chrysler, Jaguar, Mercedes, Toyota, and General Motors vehicles. However, only general; Motors has integrated the app, in two of their Chevy models, while Honda and Mercedes are about to do so.