Jaguar XJ a blast from the future

The new Jaguar XJ has been described as “a blast from the future”, but it has also retained some essential elements of classic elegance.  Combined with the most advanced technology, the end product is the best of both worlds, according to many of the experts in the field of auto excellence.

Top Gear named the 2010 Jaguar XJ as its Luxury Car of the Year over competition like BMW and Audi.  It has also won the Scottish Luxury Car of the Year award and the Green Car of the Year accolade for its lighter construction and sleek, aerodynamic body.

Top Gear reviewers said the new Jaguar “lets you feel the road without getting disturbed by it”, meaning it handles like a sports car but rides like, well, like a luxury car.  Since it was unveiled about six months ago, the new XJ has re-established Jaguar’s name as the choice of discriminating drivers.