Jeep’s new 4×4 Compass

Jeep’s new 4×4 Compass goes on sale this April 15 and marks an exciting future for the iconic brand. Its prospects have never been better as it enjoys its 70th anniversary and has a wide range of new products that includes the completely new Grand Cherokee now entering into the Western European market.

The sleek new Compass will be the first of the early activity that British car buyers will get to see. The Compass is the first of the new generation Jeeps that offer two wheel drive as well as four wheel drive but it still personifies what makes the brand do unique with its special DNA of the symbolizes adventure, the originality of the 4×4 and an overall mastery of on road and off road adverse conditions.

Jeep is competing in the quickly expanding SUV sector has Jeep’s Compass has been made to appeal to a wide audience. Hatchback owners that want to trade up are now in reach of the new two-wheel version Compass. This class of buyer does not need the four wheel drive they want the image, style and practicality of a SUV.

Then for those that want the 4×4 on the other end of the scale the Compass offers buyers an option if they are downsizing from the he gas guzzlers that were so popular before petrol increased to such high prices.

Jeep has unrivaled credentials when it comes to that option in vehicles and the Grand Cherokee is a great example with its lush interior and inspired looks. Just closing the door and hearing the way the door hits the steel of the frame is like no other sound in the entire industry.