Keeping Safe on Our Roads

When we set off in our cars each day, we have no control over the other drivers on the road and what they are up to, but we do have control over our own vehicles with parts from and ensuring that they are safe. Safety is imperative on the UK roads, the weather changes in a heartbeat and our vehicles need to be safe and ready for anything.

While we cannot control other vehicles on the road, we can take charge of our own vehicle’s safety, ensuring brakes work well, lights are working perfectly and we are always topped up with oil, water and have air in the tyres.

With so many fantastic parts available, we can keep our vehicles in tip top shape and ready for any weather.

Ensure Your Car Passes MOT

MOT is a legal requirement in the UK and your vehicle needs to pass this safety inspection each year.

Now while you may think a MOT is a total waste of your time, it does ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive on the roads, so rather look at it as a peace of mind test rather than a time consuming one. Not all MOT’s require the vehicle have work done, the only work that will be needed is if your vehicle isn’t considered safe, have a selection of affordable parts to keep your vehicle running safely.


You may think it a pain when your car suddenly starts advising that it is due for a service, but regular servicing is another way you stay safe on the roads. A service will get the car running smoothly and change any problem parts that are needed so you don’t end up in a position where you are stuck on the side of a busy motorway in rush hour traffic because your car broke down due to lack of service.


While you can buy your car parts from and you can ensure your car is serviced regularly and passes MOT annually, this all means nothing without adequate insurance. While your insurance won’t actually keep you safe, it does protect both you and your vehicle should you be involved in an accident and can save you fortunes in the long run.

Regular Checks

There are some regular checks you can do yourself to ensure your cars safety, such as checking the oil, coolant and tyres, offer a selection of parts and service top ups that you may need to keep you safe on our UK roads.