Knightrider talking car from Ford

Hands up all those who thought KIT in Knightrider was the greatest car in the world. That technology is now available to all of us thanks to those clever people at Ford. They have just unveiled their new Sync communication system, and you will soon be able to converse with your car.

Their hope is that in the near future ,those who would have ordinarliy bought a Porsche will instead opt for a Ford Focus. Sync, lauded by the Britsh press as the most exciting communication system ever will be available in Britain sometime in 2012. It is already in cars in the US, but has a very restricted vocabulary of just 100 words, and the voice has been likened to Cher, but electronic.

This new, improved version will recognise 19 different languages, as well as regional dialects and will have over 10,000 commands pre-programmed. It will be in carious Ford models and will instantly respond to such questions as “Where is the nearest place to park?” and “How far am I from a service station?”.

Bill Ford, the great-gransdon of Henry and the present Executive Chairman of Ford was very excited about the development when asked about it at the recent conference Technology, Entertainment and Design.

He said that this sort of system would become increasingly common place and it wasn’t far fetched that in years to come, we would witness cars communicating with each other.He added that the smart car was just the first step, to keep up with the technological advances there would need to be Sync style technology used in parking lots, garages etc. The theory is that a parking ot could actually tell a car if it had parking spaces and where they were, eliminating the frustration of trying to find an empty space, and thus saving time and fuel.