A look at the LA Auto Show

The Los Angeles Auto show will officially start off this year’s auto show season in US. The LA Auto show will probably be bigger than ever thanks to the ideal location of the city coupled with the love for cars for the residents. Mercedes-Benz would be bringing the most news to LA although Kia, Subaru, Porsche and Lincoln are among the automakers there would be lots of talk about.

If you are new to Southern California, the show would be at the Convention Centre in Downtown LA.

The Big Debutees

Porsche Macan—Porsche sells many Cayennes annually. However the question is if it will be able to sell more of its new Macan compact crossover. Finally the premium crossover segement has something that should of an interest to many people.

Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG- Immediately the auto makers four door flagship is in the market beginning next year, you are likely to see more S65 AMGs in the streets of West L.A. This sedan with 738lb-ft. of torque can probably tow something like a cruise ship across the desert.

Jaguar F- Type Coupe-OK- This is an F-Type roadster that has a hardtop. This however does not mean with do not like the idea of putting a top on Jaguar’s new sports car.

Chevrolet Colorado-Nissan and Toyota will have real competition especially since General Motors is beck with the small pickup segment. The Colorado is what people have been asking for but the greatest question is if they will line up to buy it. We certainly hope that they will.

Subaru WRX- Subaru’s rally bread hot rod has greatly depended for a long time on the last generation of Impreza. People are ready for change especially since the most recent Impreza rids on a stiff platform perfect for more power.