Lamborghini unveil new Urus SUV concept car

Lamborghini have recently announced a new concept car called the Urus and anyone familiar with Lamborghini’s will easily be able identify it as a car made by the manufacturer. Despite this, the car is still very different from any Lamborghini currently on the market, because it is a SUV.

The car is going to be competing with Maserati and Porsche, who already have vehicles in the luxury SUV market. The car is going to be marketed to the UK, USA, Russia, Germany, China and the Middle East.

The car has four seats and it has been described as a vehicle that is perfect for leisure pursuits, or using everyday with your family. The car is five metres long and has a relatively low height of just 1.7 metres.

The car does have a certain amount of practical appeal however because it has a good ground clearance and all wheel drive. No announcement has been made about how much power the car is going to have just yet but it is expected that it will be around 600 horsepower.

The car is also going to have good carbon dioxide emissions and its fuel consumption is going to be relatively low for an SUV. This means that the car is going to be very light and this is something very in-line with the philosophy of Lamborghini. Much of the car is going to be constructed out of carbon fibre and reinforced polymers, in order to save on weight.

As this is only a concept car, the dashboard, and on-board computer are still rather limited. It is not known what sort of functions Lamborghini are going to include in the car, but it is expected that it will have a computer that can certainly compete with some of the top of the range SUV’s.