A look at the latest version of the VW Tourag

Volkswagen have recently updated the Touareg and in building this new creation they’ve created a car which is very comfortable to drive and has all the latest technologies that make it very luxurious. This is the latest 4×4 that the company have created and in most ways they have done an excellent job.

The driving position of the car is high and the leather seats are comfortable and are located in a spacious cabin. The inside feels very luxurious, but in a relaxed way and it is clear that the car is been designed with road journeys in mind. Even when driving through tight corners it remains very comfortable and the driver feels as if they are in control.

There are several settings that come with the car including the ability to switch it into a sports mode, which helps you to get more from it. This will make the car slightly less comfortable, but that’s why they’ve also included another setting which is appropriately called comfort.

The 4.2 litre version of the car is also very nippy and it is capable of getting to 60 miles an hour in less than six seconds. The engine is very large and this fast acceleration makes overtaking incredibly easy, even when travelling at high speed on the motorway. There is a smaller version of the car available which only has a three litre engine, which makes it more tax and fuel efficient.

The car has an eight speed automatic gearbox, although it is possible to have a version which has Tiptronic control. This allows the driver to change the gears of the car by simply flipping the gear stick either forwards or backwards.

The car also comes with another excellent addition from VW which is called Auto Hold. This is something that will apply the handbrake of the car automatically if it feels you are beginning to roll while it is stopped. When you combine this feature with the excellent automatic gearbox, the car is incredibly easy to drive, which makes it even more comfortable than it already is.

With most large cars visibility can be a problem and this is something that VW have tackled head-on and they have included a great deal of systems in order to make you safer on the road. If you want to have the ultimate package for road awareness then you should upgrade to the Drivers Assistants pack. This gives you all the gear you could possibly need and costs around £2000 extra.

For this money you get radar sensors so the car is able to detect when a vehicle has entered your blind spots. It alerts the user by a flashing light on the wing mirror. The car also comes with a lane assistance facility which is something that will alert the driver if you start to drift out of the lane. The car also comes with a radar sensor on the front which will allow you to match your speed to the vehicle in front so that you maintain a safe distance.

As you would expect, parking sensors are fitted which makes parking this large car much easier than it would be otherwise. The sensors turn on automatically which can be a bit frustrating sometimes as there are often other hazards on the road which will set the parking sensors off, such as cyclists, so you might want to consider putting parking assistance in manual mode.

The computer in the car has touchscreen control and there is a dedicated button for switching on the system. The car comes with sat nav and a wide range of other features such as digital radio and a 30 gigabyte hard disk for storing your MP3s.