A look at the Lexus IS range

The Lexus IS is a range of compact executive and entry level luxury cars manufactured and sold by Toyota (Lexus) since 1998. The IS, which was sold as part of the Toyota Altezza brand until it’s second generation design introduced in 2006, was included in the newly formed Lexus line-up, and slots in a notch below the Lexus ES, more popularly known outside North America as the Lexus GS.

In 2009, the IS brand was given a fresh styling, and its steering wheel and suspension were re-tuned to improve control and stability. And after years with just one body styling, Lexus came up in 2008 with the IS 250 C, a hardtop convertible first presented at a motor show in Paris.

The IS 350 C, run by an engine often seen in sedans, thus more powerful, also became available. The hardtop convertible reached European and American markets in 2009. A version, known as the IS 300 C, was also manufactured produced for other markets. In the middle part of 2009, the IS received minor styling changes mainly to its interior.

In 2010, the IS got another refresh that coincided with the detuning of the IS 220 diesel to improve fuel consumption albeit reducing power output. The end product of the detuning was the IS 200d. Taking advantage of the availability of parts and accessories used for the! S 250/350 line, Lexus produced the IS F sports line in 2010.

For 2013 Lexus will be launching a whole new range of IS cars and this will be this summer in UK. The line-up, first unveiled in Detroit during the North American Motor Show, includes the IS 300h, first full-hybrid IS, and the IS 250 petrol.

Both versions have the rear-wheel drive option and can be updated with the F Sport package. It interiors and exteriors have also undergone dramatic styling innovations that reflected Lexus’ characteristic spindle-shaped front grille design arrangement.