Lexus RX SUV

The Lexus RX SUV first hit the road with the simple title RX330 over in Australia in 2003, and although most have been on the road for over eight years they still look a lot like the most recent version of the car that came out in 2009.

It seems that the designers behind the popular Lexus model decided that, as in the case of the Porsche 911, subtle changes were all that were needed in order to maintain the look and feel of the luxury SUV. However, more changes might be in order because the model is having a tough time matching sales of 2009.

Sales of the RX dropped by a large 31% over the course of 2011 leaving the smallest SUV in the Lexus range way behind the sales of other competitors such as the Audi Q5, Land Rover Discovery 4, and just about every BMW model outside of the X6. Despite this fact, Lexus has managed to maintain its rep of being more generous than other German competition in the RX350 as it comes with standard trim, with no real need to add on many options that will quickly up the price.

For instance, the RX350 Prestige sells for about £51,000 and comes with full leather trim, reverse-view camera, satellite navigation, remote engine start, keyless entry, 12 speaker audio systems, metallic paint, and an electrically operated tailgate.

You can see the quality of these features from the outside of the car when you take a look at the metallic black paintwork on the body as it is obviously we-rubbed and includes seven different coats outside of the first clear coat.  In the LS and GS models there is even a healing top cut that will repair scuffs and scratches on its own.

The experience only gets better when you get inside the car where you will discover plush seats and leather seats that you could easily kick back and watch the game from; that is if you were not in a car. Even the floor mats are made out of a high grade pile proving that the company did not share any expense on the vehicle.

The one thing that they could have fixed is the side bolstering because there is no support for the passenger while driving through windy roads.  Of course, the vibration limiting technology inside of the car is very nice.

Built inside of the car is also a pre-collision safety system that was one of the few updates for the RX that was made in 2010.  The safety system will pre-load the brake and send out an audio warning if the wave radar believes that you are about to be involved in a crash. Although you doubtless would be aware of this anyhow, it is a nice feature to have that just may sharpen your attention at the last minute if you need to readjust your course in order to get out of a crash.

Additional features that come with the RX 350 Luxury model include door mirrors, auto-dimming rear vision mirror, adaptive headlights, leather upholstery, wood inserts in the centre console, smart-card entry, rear parking sensors, integrated side and rear parking cameras, wood rimmed steering wheel, active cruise control, heated seats and a 15 speaker Mark Levinson audio system.

For techno fans there is also Bluetooth phone connection available in all of the models although it would be nice if music streaming was offered instead of a USB connection. Lexus is, however, planning to add streaming when the GS sedan comes out and then add it onto future models.