Lotus Elite Club Racer roars in

The Lotus Elite Club Racer is louder than ever, but faster and lighter as well. You might need ear protection to drive it.

The designers also mounted an ultralight battery used in sports car racing, trying to achieve their lighter than air new model. It targets use on the track and fun on the road. The car has taken off 24kg of its weight through these alterations.

Lotus refuses to release the speed test results. They are awaiting type approval. However, it will be a bit brisker than the standard Elise, which clocks in at 60mph after a mere 6 seconds. It takes a little longer to go from 0 to 100mph, measuring 18 seconds.

Your wallet will be a bit thinner, since the Racer will require £27,500. There are two modes for driving. Dynamic Performance Management (DPM) is a Sport setting that can optionally be turned off for those who enjoy the track.

The chief technical officer at Lotus, Wolf Zimmermann, said, “This tradition of minimising and purifying anything and everything at Lotus has given us a cutting edge spirit of the age sports car. We have spent no fewer than 15 years building our niche market and serving specialised clients with ultralight sports cars.

“Our client base will have something to sink their teeth into with the Club Racer. This is the vehicle that captures all the best about Elise. You can mention raw, responsive, fast, and endless fun on four wheels.”

The best components are included in the Racer, according to Lotus, such as Bilstein dampers and Eibach springs. You can get the car in six colours as well.