Lotus Evora G4

Although the Lotus Evora is not very common on the roads, we generally love it for its excellent steering, fluid handling and plentiful performance. Therefore, we did not hesitate when asked to drive the Evora GT4 on Hethl’s racetrack. And the GT4 is not only an Evora that has some sticky tyres and stiff shocks and rollcage-50% of all its parts are actually new. It would only cost you £125,000. Currently 30 of them have been sold.

Where can I race it?

The Evora GT4 complies with the GT4 race regulations; therefore you can compete in the British or European GT4 series. You can also compete in the Dutch Supercar Championships and the Blancpain Endurance.

You can also participate in the Lotus cup (though the UK edition is over-subscribed.), Silverstone 1000kms, Sepang 12hours, Dubai 24 hours, and British GT championships,

Which engine does the Evora GT4 use?

The Evora GT4 engine is a regular 3.5litre V6 like the Evora S although it has not supercharger attached to it. This is because of forced-induced engines being subject to multiplication regulations so that they do not get any unfair advantage over motors of the same size that are naturally aspirated. Hence the Evora S that is supercharged would be classified in the category of over 6.0-litre.

This has led to the development of the Evora Toyota that is naturally aspirated. The only similarities are that the block and the head remain the same. There are new piston, crankshaft, new rods, camshafts, springs and valves. The result of this is a 328lb ft at 5500rpm, 4.0 litres and 355bhp at 6500rpm. This is more than the features the Evora S has.

Driving the Evora GT4 becomes second nature after initial cautious laps that come with driving an unfamiliar car. Its easy steering, fluid handling, trusty brakes, comfortable driver’s seat and huge performance are what make the car just perfect. Once you climb out of the car, you feel like you could go back and drive again.