Lotus shows off in LA

Take a look at these supercharged photos of Lotus’ latest and you’ll know as well as I why it is worth mentioning. Imagine driving down Rodeo Drive or Sunset Boulevard in one of these. Lotus is re-inventing itself as a luxury carmaker, taking on the likes of the current CEO’s previous employers Porsche, Ferrari, and Aston Martin.

The photos are shot in various locations about Hollywood and display future models of the Lotus Elite, Esprit, Elan, and Elise. Right now these are merely conceptual models, but they will all be pulled by Toyota powertrains, starting in the Elise with an I-4 and topping it all off in the Esprit with the turbo V-8, sporting KERS.

It is possible Lotus may manufacture its own V-8 for the Esprit and V-6 for the Elan. The Esprit is the sole model slated for concrete construction at this point. It will hit the market in 2014.