Making your driveway green with a new car

The appearance of our front gardens and driveways is something which many of us take great pride in. For many, the perfect front to their home is a green one – but how can you make your driver even greener with a new car?

Going electric

Electric cars are exactly as they sound. They are truly revolutionary in today’s car market but their development is still in its infancy. This means there are still a few areas which need consideration, such as the availability of charging points, but they are sure to be one of the biggest areas of development for green cars UK in the future.

Electric cars require no traditional fuel to be burnt – running solely on electricity. Some charge points have been launched in the UK but these are still relatively new developments and the commercial appeal of electric vehicles (EVs) is still being developed.

For the time being, these cars are best reserved for those who only require a car for short city-based journeys. There have even been reports concerning exceptionally small electric vehicles which are used within offices and business complexes, with electric powered transport also a feature of many airports and other areas of high activity.

Best of both worlds

For those wanting to embrace the green revolution but not quite ready to make some of the sacrifices which electric cars demand, there is an alternative option. Hybrid vehicles offer the best of both worlds with strong green credentials provided alongside impressive performance levels and the convenience of normal refuelling methods.

The hybrid market is still strong in the UK and the Honda Insight model, the first commercially produced hybrid, is still in circulation. This model was the first mass produced hybrid to hit the American market back in 1999 and is a clear example of the dominance green vehicles are likely to have in the future.

Going green

Of course, even traditional car models are becoming more efficient to keep pace with their hybrid and electric cousins, making it vital that you consider your choice of car very carefully.

Comparing the fuel efficiency and carbon emissions of models such as the new Honda CR-V is essential for anyone with an environmental conscious and could help you find a motor which keeps both your driveway, and your wallet, as green as possible.

It is important to remember that how you drive your vehicle is as important as what vehicle you drive when it comes to going green. This means avoiding harsh acceleration and harsh braking; maintaining as constant a speed as possible.

Keeping excess weight out of the car will also burn less fuel – as you’ll need less power to propel the vehicle. Limiting the amount of drag felt on your vehicle by keeping windows closed will also help, as will keeping your use of electronic internal instruments, such as the air conditioning, to a minimum.