Man given taxi licence despite terrible driving record

Dangerous driving is one of the previous charges facing Christopher Adam, including 16 of driving when disqualified and 13 for driving without insurance. This man has now caused a furor amongst road safety campaigners when he was given a taxi licence despite his bad record.

They say that despite having 62 convictions, the 37 year old was allowed to ferry passengers. Others who were disappointed were the town hall chiefs who tried to block his application. According to Alan Newton, the senior licencing officer, the sheer volume of offences was a cause for concern.

After North Tyneside council refused to proffer a taxi licence, he appealed to magistrates that he was a changed man, and that he wants the license. He said that he has new friends and is in a stable relationship. The father of two has also been charged with 27 counts of dishonesty, and has records going back to 1992.

He said that he wants to make a living from driving the taxi, and he has had a licence for three years, and had not committed any traffic offences. Probation officers also offered their support.

The chairwoman of the court, Joan Kay, allowed the appeal and upheld the fact that he was a changed man. His records showed that he had a clean record for the last 7 years, and they were now satisfied that he was in the right state of mind.

After hearing this, one of the council’s spokesmen said that he was very disappointed with the court’s decision. Siobhan MacMahon, from Brake, a charity for road safety, said that it was worrying that a person with such a record could be given a licence.

Christopher Adam, who hails from Seaton Delaval, Northumberland, said that people have the capacity to change and also do so. He says that he should not be punished for the rest of his life for the mistakes in his past.