Maybach Go Even More Up Market

The slow sales of the Maybach is forecasting its demise, with only 317 cars coming out of the factory in 2009. Based on the Mercedes S-class (W220) the slow down in sales of the top of the range luxury saloon continues, despite Daimler trying to boost sales by releasing new colours and different models, including the over €1 million Landaulet and the powerful 604HP 57S and 62S.

Despite Rolls Royce downsizing its offering at the 2009 Geneva auto show, Maybach is going further up-market with a more powerful model, boasting an historic marque – the Zeppelin comes in at an incredible 632hp, miles above the only two other cars that compete in the same market – Rolls Royce’s Phantom and the Arnage Final Series from Bentley.

The Maybach Zeppelin has its speed governed to 171 mph in the short wheelbase version 57, and a lesser 155 mph on the long wheelbase 62 model, with torque continuing to be limited to 738 lb-ft so as to protect the 5-speed auto gearbox.

Boasting one off 20-inch wheels, four exhaust pipes, sharper outside mirrors, the Zeppelin will differ from other Maybachs in having the shoulder line featured in Rocky Mountains light brown colour, but other colours are available.

Interior changes are a recommended California Beige accompanying Stromboli Black, with lamb’s wool floor coverings and all woodwork done in piano black.

If you have €4000 extra to spare, you can have a system installed that sprays either of two unique fragrances developed by Givaudan inside the car.

The Zeppelin connection goes back to the original airships, which had engines made by Maybach. Although the 1930’s saw 300 airships built, Maybach’s latest variation will only one third of that with only 100 units planned.

Factory price for the 57 Zeppelin is €406,000   and the 62 Zeppelin will come in at €473,000  .