New Mazda 3 set to be even more popular than its predecessor

Since the Mazda 3 first debuted back in 2003 it has received mostly positive reviews which were likely initially helped by the fact that the front of the car actually looks like it is smiling due to the odd shape of the grill that is carefully planted between the headlights.

Now the Mazda 3 has been completely redone for a new release in 2013 and this time around it might actually be able to take the throne away from the Ford Focus in new comparison tests that aim to find the best segment vehicle. This time around Mazda has utilised a lightweight Skyactiv architecture that is supposed to improve the torsional rigidity by 30% while also helped to reduce its curb weight by as much as 100 pounds.

Other improvements in the architecture include the stretching of the wheelbase by a little over two inches and a small decrease in the overall length of the vehicle by about 1.8 inches. Width has increased however by about the same measurement although the height has been shrunk down a little over .5 inch. For those in the rear, the news that seat space is now wider and more comfortable should be welcome.

The Mazda 3 will also be sporting a new Skyactive 2.0 litre engine inside of it that will help to offer drivers more mid-range torque that allows for a 4000 rpm torque peak. The engine will only weigh about two pounds more but is capable of offering 148lb at 3000 rpm which is twice as much as what it was able to do before. The six speed automatic will be offer drivers an average of 30mpg in the city and 41 on the highway. The numbers are just about the same for the hatchback model.