A look at the new Mazda CX-5

The new Mazda CX-5 is the first foray by Mazda into the SUV market, but this is not just another company attempting to show that they can create ‘one too’ the CX-5 is actually an impressive car to be looking at.

Mazda has managed to really capture the spirit of innovative with their SkyActiv technology which is in full use within the CX-5 and the entire SUV itself is completely new. In other words, they are not using leftover ideas and pieces from old models, instead making a solid effort to create a performance heavy machine that is still environmentally conscious.

To get an idea of just how special the 2WD 2.2 litre diesel engine is the best thing that you can do is actually test drive the car through the highlands, because once you do that will be the deciding factor in purchasing the car. Although it’s not the same, a quick walk through of how the vehicle behaves while out in blustery weather may also be helpful.

The best place to start is with the ignition and it indubitable how easy it is to start the car since all you have to do is depress the clutch and the push in the start button and the car will come to life. Typically one might say ‘roar to life,’ but one of the very notable aspects of the CX-5 is that it is very quiet and you will hard hear the engine in operation at all while driving even though it does have a diesel engine.

The next thing that hits you right away is how large the cabin I of the SUV. The driver’s seat offers plenty of room for stretching one’s legs out and the boot has a stunning 503 litre capacity that is easy to actually take advantage of because it has a flat floor and straight sides.

You can get even more storage space out of the car when you drop down the rear seats to extend the boot and end up with a total of 1,620 litres. The seats also have a bit of cushion to them if you choose to keep them and they are very comfortable with excellent lateral and lumbar support.

Driving the actual vehicle is a natural process and should not be hard to adjust to as the steering wheel is small, the diesel engine pulls quickly, and the power is evenly distributed even as the car accelerates. It feels more like a saloon car than a SUV which is due to the heavy power placed into the steering mechanisms of the car. You will really like this particular feature while in town when it comes to parking because you can easily toss the SUV into a space without a second thought.

One of the reasons that the XC-5 drives so smoothly is due to its six speed gearbox. The gearbox offers it the same short-throw that you might experience in the Mazda MX-5. In a way the final result feels a bit like the 54mm throw of the MX-5 although their approach has gotten a bit more modern with the CX-5 and has less moving parts and an overall reduction in the amount of weight that is carried. The result of these changes is an increase in fuel economy which is something that pretty much any driver is going to be willing to put with!