Mazda join the UK compact SVU market

The compact SUV market in the UK has been expanding greatly recently and Mazda are the latest car manufacturer to get in on the action. They’ve recently released the CX-5 and many people, before details of the car became available, thought that it would simply be like the other compact SUV is on the market – essentially the saloon model just raised up a little and made to look a little bit more beefy.

Mazda have done something completely different and they have not followed the trend of beefing up a SUV with this latest creation. The car has a completely new design and it seems as if none of the features from previous models have been carried over into this new creation.

The car also takes advantage of something which Mazda call SkyActiv technology. This is something which enhances the performance of the car, while making it more environmentally friendly, and it is becoming a regular feature in the new range of Mazda cars.

The car is very easy to drive from the start and all you have to do to get it going is press the clutch down and push the start button. As you might expect with this size car, it does have a diesel engine, and while you might think that this would be noisy, it is actually a very quiet machine. As you drive this car you are certain to be very impressed with the engine as it is powerful yet fuel-efficient.

Perhaps the thing that will strike you first about the car however is the spaciousness of the interior. The driver’s seat is in an excellent position and all of the passengers in the car will feel as if they have plenty of leg space. The boot is also significantly sized at over 500 litres and the car has a flat floor and straight walls meaning that you really can make the most of this space. Furthermore, if you want to expand the capacity of the boot to over 1600 litres, you can simply drop the back seats.

Despite the back seats being so flexible and allowing you to drop them down, they are immensely comfortable. You really feel that you have good support on your body and sitting in the seats on long drives become something that is very easy. If you are in the driver’s seat, you get exactly the same sort of comfort.

What is quite unusual is that the vehicle has been equipped with a rather small steering wheel for its size. The power steering is very effective, but it may feel unusual for people who are perhaps upgrading to a larger car to have a smaller wheel than they had in their previous vehicles. That said, you get used to this very quickly and it will soon not be a bother.

For a car of this size you would expect good visibility, and from the high driving position you get an excellent view of the road. What is particularly nice is that when you are in the car, despite its massive interior, you really feel as if you are in a smaller and more agile vehicle. The car feels very lightweight and it seems to whizz around country roads without many issues at all. Overall this is an excellent new entry into the compact SUV market.