A look at the Mazda RX-8 concept car

Concept cars often seem to have a very spacious interior and this is largely because one of the main pillars in the car, the B-Pillar, has been removed. Actually transferring the sort of spacious interior to an actual vehicle is quite a challenge and is something that many car manufacturers have not yet attempted. There are a few examples, such as the Mazda RX-8, where this pillar has been removed, creating a spacious interior.

Unfortunately, there are many problems with doing this and the cars do come with limitations. For example, with the Mazda it is only possible to open the rear door of the car if the front door is also open. Ford have recently created the B-Max, which loses the pillar, but does not have the limitations that are seen in the Mazda.

This means that the car has a spacious interior without being difficult to get in and out of. The doors provide easy access into the vehicle and this has been made possible by Ford utilising a smart new system. The rear doors of the car open in a different way by sliding back slightly past the rear bumper when they are fully opened. This means that the rear car doors can be opened independently of the front doors, which makes it significantly more practical than the car available from Mazda.

The engineering of this design is particularly intelligent and one thing that people are going to be particularly pleased about is that the car has all of the strength of a regular car that has the B-Pillar. In order to maintain the strength of the car Ford have been using boron steel, which is incredibly strong and when the doors close the pillar is actually formed. Ford are very confident about the vehicle and expect that when it is tested by NCAP that it will achieve the highest, five-star rating.

While the safety specifications are very pleasing, what most people are going to be impressed about is the amount of space that not having this pillar gives occupants. Getting in and out of the rear of the car is going to be incredibly easy and when you fold down the rear seats you’re going to have a great deal of boot space and the ability to carry heavy loads.

This is one of the latest developments by Ford and it is very much in line with their recent focus on in car technology. For example, the New Ford Focus also has a great deal of new technology inside including the ability for the car to park itself and also initiate breaking automatically when there is an emergency.

It is no surprise therefore, that the car also comes with a great deal of other gadgets and the concept vehicle sure contains a lot of them. The car has an integrated entertainment system which has satellite navigation, phone synchronisation, and even Internet access.

Currently, more information about the car is rather limited in terms of technology, but it is largely expected that it will make use of things that have been seen in recent Ford models, such as automatic parking, and the emergency braking systems. This car is designed for the city and its fuel efficiency is very good, it comes with the EcoBoost engine, which is going to be welcomed by fuel conscious consumers.