McLaren brings big benefits to Surrey

The construction of a new McLaren Automotive manufacturing plant will create hundreds of new jobs in just a few months.  The new centre will be 32,000 square metre high and will be used to create new sports cars for the line.  Valued at £40m, the facility is underway in Woking, Surrey and will be ready to go in May ext to the Technology Centre.

The new MPC will be host to 800 jobs with an aim of producing about 4,000 cars before 2005.which will create another 300 jobs and a few hundred more due to the construction programme, global retail network, and supply chain.

The large investment came from the shareholders of McLaren Automotive.  As part of the announcement of the new building centre the company also announced that they are starting work on their first high performance sports vehicle named the MP4-12C.

Executive chairman of the company, Ron Dennis, stated that the fact that production will start soon is a large milestone for the company and confirms that the company is ready to take on the challenge of creating automobiles at a high tech level in a new equally high-tech facility that will help to deliver more expertise, jobs, and innovation within the auto manufacturing field.

The new MP4-12c will be a two-seat, lightweight, sports car with new McLaren technologies in place to build all components.   The company hopes to have a thousand of the models available by the end of the year followed by production of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.  However, the 12C will be available for half the price at about £150,000 due to its new one piece patented chassis made out of carbon-fibre.

Dennis added that they have worked over the past thirty years to build a vehicle of this magnitude and they have great confidence in the vehicle once it hits the market.