Mercedes Benz Antos new powerful trucks

Mercedes Benz have been making trucks for generations and they have recently announced the release of a new range of trucks which are going to expand their offerings dramatically. This is the first truck that the company have released specifically designed to further heavy duty distribution, and it is hoped that this new truck will meet the demands of the transport industry very well; it is called the Mercedes Benz Antos.

The idea about this truck is that it is specifically designed to carry loads of 18 tons and heavier, which is a new market for Mercedes-Benz, and is significantly larger than the other trucks they’ve been offering in the past.

There are wide range of different innovations that have been put into this vehicle including a large cabin, which is 2.3 metres wide. The cabin is available in various different lengths, whether you want short, or median, which offers the driver a good amount of space, and also customisation whatever your requirements.

This selection of vehicles, the Mercedes Benz Antos, have a wide range of different engine powers, all of which are capable of handling a heavy load. The lowest powered vehicle is still 240 brake horsepower, and the most powerful has a massive 510 brake horsepower. This means that the vehicle is going to be capable of dealing with all the challenging terrain that might be thrown at it, and it will easily be able to lug heavy loads up steep hills, especially if you have one of the more powerful vehicles.

In addition to the ability to carry heavy loads, the trucks have also seen a great deal of improvement made to the efficiency of their engines. This is something that drivers are going to appreciate in these times when fuel is much more expensive, and for the environmentally conscious they are also going to be pleased that it emits fewer carbon dioxide emissions.

These are not the only improvements that have been made on this latest range of trucks, and Mercedes have also gone to a great deal of trouble to make the track aerodynamic. There is also a high steering position for the driver, which gives an excellent view of the road, and the rigid frame of the vehicle ensures that comfort is a priority, and handling is very good.

In addition to all of these features which come as standard, there are several optional systems which can also be put into the truck, such as brake assist systems, and other editions which can dramatically help to improve driver safety.

Anyone who gets a look at one of these trucks can see that Mercedes have put a great deal of effort into creating every detail of this vehicle and making sure that it functions perfectly. As you would expect from a high quality truck, there are also very low maintenance costs, and overall this is a wonderful addition to the already diverse portfolio of Mercedes-Benz. What is clear is that this range of trucks is going to make a dramatic impact from the moment it is launched.