Mercedes Benz M-Class offers low fuel consumption

The latest SUV from Mercedes Benz has been unveiled and is fuel efficient to help it to overtake its rival BMW. The Mercedes Benz M-Class and it new third generation promises to be lower on fuel consumption by ¼ compared to the last model and the German automaker is calling it a quantum leap.

This in turn could help Mercedes Benz gain on its rival BMW’s X5 SUV. Analysts feel there could be a sales difference of as small as 1,000 units by 2013. The SUV’s greenest option is the ML250 BlueTEC 4 MATIC that has a 2.0 litre engine replacing the previous V-6 3.0 model therefore offering more fuel efficiency of 6.01/100kms that represents a 28% saving.

Acceleration has slowed down by 0.7 seconds on the 0-100kmh sprint but the top speed of 210kmh is equal to the last with its power output of 150kW. The range on a complete tank of petrol is 1,500 kilometres with the 93 litre tank.

There is the seven speed automatic transmission, a start-stop as standard and systems to help optimize the burning of fuel like oil/fuel pumps and compressors for the coolant system that only run if absolutely necessary. In its class it is the most aerodynamically efficient.