The Mercedes E300

As six cylinder turbodiesels are slowly disappearing off the road for the more fuel efficient four cylinders it is not as likely that you will see one on any German four door saloon. This said, Mercedes does have one interesting model to add the market that lets buyers keep their 6 without compromising emissions or performance on the road.

The Mercedes E300 takes the average figures which are 56mpg and 130g/km of emissions and updates them improving them so that driers can feel comfortable with a much better 67mpg and a total emission of 109g/km. It’s basically the perfect solution for getting the car you want without sacrificing any of the goodies.

The throttle is silent gold and quickly will run through the gears and the lithium boost allows you to quickly speed up without a second thought, but with low emissions you do not have to worry about how much petrol or diesel you are burning to get a true road worthy car.

Like any Mercedes, the E300 is amazing because it is silent and responsive. The car is very aggressive and overtaking is almost a joy while driving it. You would hardly know that it was a hybrid until it came time to pay the diesel bill; which of course is going to be noticeably less.

However, the very best part of the E300 is the fact that it only costs £39,645 which makes it a financially viable alternative to the regular E350 which is usually priced at £39,250. Most hybrids cost a huge amount more than their counterparts, but this vehicle is reasonably priced. All and all, if you are looking at the Mercedes brand the E300 is going to be the most fuel efficient way to go in almost every regard.