Mercedes – the new Vito Sport-X

The new Vito Sport-X – one of several new vans emerging this year from Mercedes-Benz – is a vehicle that provides solid performance and stylish looks.  Mercedes also offer a full range of options that allows purchasers to customise the Vito Sport-X precisely to suit their needs.

Performance statistics

The Sport-X features an impressive 3-litre turbo-charged V6 diesel engine.  This power unit generates up to 224 horsepower and the vehicle is capable of reaching speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour.  In addition, this van has impressive acceleration and can reach a speed of 60 miles an hour in around nine seconds.

Consumer choices

The Vito Sport-X offers two major body styles from which to choose. Customers can opt for a panel van, featuring a comfortable driver and passenger seat, with the spacious remainder of the vehicle available for cargo.  This option features solid side panels behind the driver and passenger side windows so that items carried are not visible from the outside and are protected from direct sunlight whilst being transported.

The Sport-X is also available as a “Dualiner” with windows along both sides and seating for up to three additional passengers.  The vehicle’s seating arrangements are very versatile; this is facilitated by the seat quick-release mechanism. The seats can be easily removed in a few seconds to convert the Dualiner passenger space into a cargo area.

Purchasers can also select from two vehicle body lengths in order to fully accommodate their cargo space needs – this option is available in both body styles.  Regardless of the options selected, the Vito Sport-X has easy access to the interior: both sides of the van feature sliding doors and the tailgate is hinged at the top for ease of loading.

Styling characteristics

Even though the Vito Sport-X is highly functional, Mercedes-Benz has paid great attention to details of form and style.  The attractive Brabus alloy wheels are 18 inches in diameter with an eye-catching 5-spoke design.  The Vito’s interior features leather upholstery with the stitching in a contrasting colour to impart a luxury feel for the driver and passengers.  This theme is continued throughout the cockpit by the use of the Silverstone trim.  The van’s headlamps use Bi-Xenon technology and the vehicle also features LED lights designed for daytime driving.

Sport-X technology

This vehicle is supplied with a COMAND system for navigation and a multimedia system as standard, providing an efficient GPS planning capacity and a high-quality CD and radio music system.  Bluetooth is integrated into the cockpit to allow hands-free mobile phone use and the multi-function control steering wheel keeps the driver’s hands safely on the wheel, even while managing the navigation or stereo system.

While the Vito Sport-X’s convenience and high-performance features will appeal to a wide range of consumers that are currently researching the market to source a new van, Mercedes-Benz has augmented this likely appeal still further by providing customers with several key ways to personalize the vehicle.