The MG5 leads the makers resurgence of interest in the UK

When MG Motor UK Limited released their first car back in 2006, it was a big hit among the locals. The compact car made its way rivalling various compact cars produced by other well-known car manufacturing companies. Since then, they have experienced difficulties in coping with the demands of the people by creating a compact yet highly technological car.

Everything is about to change in the next 12 months because MG is due to release their much-awaited MG5 this year. The size of this car is said to be as compact as Ford’s all-interesting Focus. Speculations surrounding this great car prefer it over the infamous Focus.

Clients are given the choice of what colour they want to have on their dash – either black or tan. One of MG’s latest innovations the inkaNet sits proudly at the heart of the dash. This is a full-touch, Android-based device that provides access to the internet and allows downloading for the drivers and passengers convenience. In addition to this, satellite navigation is also possible with this tiny yet powerful device inside the MG5.

The only downside of the inkaNet is that it does not support CD/DVD functions; who uses them anyway now that Apple and Android Products have nearly kicked them out in the market. However, you are provided with FM functionalities as well as music playback capability through the use of SD cards or a USB.

Another surprising fact is that the automatic model of the car takes 12.8 seconds to reach 62mph. If you are more on the performance, it is suggested that you grab the manual model. A dual-clutch box model is rumoured to be made later in the year as well as a manual model that packs a 135bhp turbo version of the car.

Overall, the MG5 is a great alternative to other compact cars such as the Focus and VW’s Golf. It may not pack that much power but the affordable price will surely entice a lot of people to get this car as soon as possible.