Mini’s Success through the years

Mini’s first came onto the British car scene in 1959 and came to stand as an iconic symbol of the 1960s. In the first few months of production, sales of the Mini soared into the thousands, with many people pre-ordering Minis from as far away as the US.

An Enduring Media Presence

It could well be said that the enduring success of the Mini can be largely attributed to its unforgettable media presence, due, at least in part, to the success of the film ‘The Italian Job’.

In the original 1969 film, three Minis are used to stage a getaway after robbing a consignment of gold in the centre of Turin during rush hour. They are driven through shopping arcades, down stairs, over buildings and, finally, directly into the back of a coach whilst it’s still moving. The 2003 remake used the new Mini Cooper.

These films are not the only time the Mini name has since been associated with other stunt work as well. Rally driver Guerlain Chicherit has become the latest person to put the Mini to hair-raising use by performing the world’s first 360 degree backflip in a Mini Countryman SUV., in France in February 2013.

1959 Morris Mini Minor Saloon Found in Barn

Whilst it never really went out of style, it’s still true that the Mini has experienced a revival in recent years. And recently, one of the oldest Minis to have ever been found, bearing the number plate ‘620 GFC’,  was discovered after having been left in a barn for 40 years by its owner to rust. The badly damaged car is due to go under the auction hammer on May 2nd and could fetch up to £10,000, making a great restoration project for anyone interested in the Mini car legacy.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a vintage Mini, finding a 1959 legacy model hidden in your barn might not be very likely. So, with new Minis fetching increasingly higher prices as their popularity soars, a second hand mini from is a great way to be a part of Mini’s rich, automobile heritage.