Modifying your car can be more trouble than it is worth

To the disabled driver a car offers the best hope of personal freedom and can allow participation in many aspects of modern living that otherwise would be simply impossible. Such simple things as a trip to the shops, nights out, visiting family and relatives or simply giving a lift to a friend is out of the question without a vehicle that has been modified to meet their specific needs. This is necessary as disabled drivers often have significantly different requirements from their vehicle than their able-bodied counterparts. The problem with this situation is that modified vehicles can be difficult to insure. Further problems can also occur in the event of an accident should the driver require a stand in vehicle to keep them on the road.

In recent times the disability discrimination act has put pressure on insurance providers to provide a fair deal for disabled drivers, but many still find that the quality of service they deliver does not meet their requirements.

Disabled drivers may need a whole host of modifications including:

Tail Lifts
Person and Wheelchair Hoists
Twin Flip Pedal Transfers
Adapted Controls including

Tiller Controls
Steering Wheel Balls
Transfer Seats
Wheelchair Storage
Child Harnesses
Restraints and Belts
Side Steps
Electronic Ring Accelerators
Throttle and Brake Hand Controls
Handbrake adaptations
Infra Red Controls

Such requirements may lead to purchasing of import cars from America or building bespoke cars. This can lead to insurance problems because some policies will no longer be valid if a vehicle is modified beyond its initial construction. Therefore, it’s crucial that you inform your insurer of the full range of modifications that have been applied to your vehicle. As some insurers may find it impossible to supply a suitable courtesy car, be sure to check for one that offers a loss of use allowance so that you can keep yourself mobile. It’s also crucial to ensure that you are covered for wheelchairs or mobility aids that will be the stored in the car.

Sometimes it’s easier to have a specialist policy such as Adrian Flux modified insurance. With years of experience dealing with drivers with disabilities, they will be able to offer a sympathetic and knowledgeable ear as well as guide you through the range of policies on offer. Understanding the needs of disabled drivers means that such companies will always have the needs of their clients at the front of their minds as well as an understanding of the pitfalls associated with the ownership of a non standard vehicle. After all, a car is a route to a freer and more interesting life and decisions about its upkeep and insurance should not be taken lightly.