The new Mondeo unveiled at Ford’s ‘Go Further’ event

The “Go Further” event hosted by Ford was recently held and the American manufacturer revealed the new Ford Mondeo, which features a modern design, premium features and a stunning interior.

The new Mondeo is based on Ford’s well-known CD-segment platform and will come in three variations – a wagon, a four-door, and a five-door model. The wagon is exclusively available for the European region. Meanwhile, the four-door Mondeo will be offered as a Hybrid Electric Vehicle.

This will be the first car of this segment that will be shipped with a 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, named “International Engine of the Year” for 2012. Ford’s designs have been rapidly developing for the past couple of years and the new Mondeo will offer a line of new design features. It will have a very elegant and sporty exterior, combined with a premium-class interior. The wagon version will come with a retractable panoramic glass.

The low roofline gives the car a sportier look, but still gives a spacious and practical interior space. The car’s front features a very sophisticated design, featuring a trapezoidal grille that is accompanied by a pair of adaptive LED headlamps.

The new Mondeo is the first Ford vehicle to come with full LED signal, low-beam and high-beam lights. The new LED technology is energy-efficient, more durable and illuminates really quickly. The new LED headlamps of the Mondeo will follow the steering wheel’s motion and adapt to the road conditions and vehicle speed.

The premium interior boasts comfort and ergonomics. The interior’s equipment is very rich and the Mondeo will certainly be a great choice if you want a reliable, comfortable and functional car that comes at a reasonable price.

The Mondeo Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) will be the first time Ford sells hybrid cars in Europe. The model will combined a 2.0-litre petrol engine and a 35kW lithium-ion-battery in order to improve fuel economy and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.