New Golf may turn heads

The Golf is one of Volkswagen’s most popular models. But why would one want a Golf in these days of floorpans  and crossovers and cross dressing SUV lifestyle changes. Aren’t we running away from the can opener hatchbacks for the likes of Eos, Golf Plus, Tiguan and Touran. From 1979 to 2002 there were 684,000 Golf Cabriolets sold by Volkswagen.

Starting the coming September the drophead Golf returns and the world is going to like this topless new model. Unlike the models previously with those handle bar roofs the new cabriolet has a deck that is wispy clean like a speedboat on the Riviera.

From the small front frame of the windscreen to the boot lid that is pert the cabriolet looks today in 2011 like the original of 1976 Karmann prototype. This of course is not the only retrofit in the arsenal of the new cabriolet. The model is being built in Osnabruck by Karmann in the old plant now owned by VW and revamped ready to produce the new cabriolet.

From up to down in only nine seconds make the soft top a speedy one and will work while driving at speeds of less than 18 mph. There are even electronic roll hoops that are deployed which pop up if tarmac on the head is predicated and the frame of the windscreen also can maintain the weight of the car. There are even more safety features like the airbags, electronic stability program and the counter steering support that makes a correct steering decision mandatory when in a slide.

The cabin is lifted from the Golf. Comfort, well made and of course grey. The back is a bit cramped but what small car is not. When you get rolling the initial impressions are of refinement. You can roll out at 70 mph and with the air on and have a normal talk with your co-pilot. The appeal is the classy appearance and the ever so clever roof. They aimed for a usable roof, they got one. For the most part it is total success and even though the 1.2 litre engine might have you wishing for the 1.4 just press the button and the roof drops and then you forget all about wanting that 1.4.