New MINI is an electric scooter

After MINI’s Countryman launched as the largest vehicle in their collection the car manufacturer is turning a new page by showing off their smallest vehicle at this year’s Paris Motor Show.  The compact vehicle is called the MINI E Scooter Concept and features many of the features of the MINI design cues albeit scaled down a bit to fit.

For instance, you will notice right away that the new MINI Scooter has the same oval wing mirrors, large speedometer, and square rear lights.  It also fittingly has the same chrome body that makes it a full part of the easily recognized MINI family.

Although the full list of technical details is not going to be released until the show, it is known that the scooter will run from a lithium ion battery that can be easily recharged with a retractable built-in cable.  The battery will power the motor that is located under the rear wheel hub.

More innovative and fun features include adopting a smartphone that acts as the key to the bike, audio, navigation, instrumentation, and telephone needs.  In fact, all you have to do is clip the phone device into the bike slot and off you go.