New Range Rover Evoque hits the road

The first Evoque, the hotly-anticipated new Range Rover, has left Liverpool’s Halewood factory. Dr. Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover CEO was present to send off the first vehicle. He said all those that have been involved with design, engineering, research and development should be real proud of the excellent achievement they all had a hand in producing.

Interest worldwide has been exceptional in the new car with over 18,000 customer orders already received and all are anxious to be the first to own the new Evoque. Land Rover says that over ¾ of their production is for export markets like the Middle East.

In the UAE the car has undergone extensive research for hot weather and desert conditions in order to calibrate the system for cooling and to be sure the 2.0 litre turbo can take the worst of weather.

The Evoque is a very impressive vehicle the interior is like a baby Range Rover although the chopped stance does not allow for the lofty stance that is defining of the brand. There is plenty of space a total of five adults, but not if they have luggage. When there is a full load the four cylinder 240bhp does not feel strained at all although under very hard accelerating it can get quite loud.

If you want to take it off road, well then you need to have the 18 inch wheels. With those 20 inch ones that most people buy in the Middle East, you cannot go anywhere other than maybe digging a hole to the center of the earth.

If Land Rover is able to improve on the quality reputation and deliver on what they have been saying, including extensive customisation the new Evoque has what it takes to be a hit. It is spacious, frugal, capable and chic.  When the car launches later in July is when more will be known.