New Toyota hybrid causes quite a stir at motor show

After a reasonably well received launch of the 2012 Toyota Prius C hybrid at the Detroit Auto Show, the company has brought a new surprise to the table introducing the design of the NS4.

The NS4 is the newest hybrid from the Japanese car company and is a plug-in hybrid that is a mid-size sedan and the first large hybrid to come from the company.

The aim of the model is to enhance connectivity and interaction between the car and the drivers which is the overall goal that Toyota is trying to reach by 2015. Multiple engineering teams worked on the design for the new car, and the one that was choose is the NS4 hybrid that will sit on its own as a concept car outside of the Prius hybrid family brand.

Most likely, the NS4 is going to turn into one of two car models; either a potentially new hybrid Toyota Camry that is also scheduled to come out in 2015 or it really could be a new model range that will kick off plug-in hybrids in the Toyota line. Therefore, in the same way that ‘Prius’ is the range where all hybrids go, it is possible that the NS4 range will be where all of the plug-in hybrids end up.

The core of the new concept car is the Hybrid Synergy Drive system that features light and small components to make the vehicle more efficient, give better mileage, a larger electric range, and better acceleration overall.

Other unique design aspects of the NS4 include the fact that it offers a customer intuitive design aimed to help Toyota meet its goal of emotional connection with its drivers. This may be due to the fact that there has been a poor reaction to the bland designs of the leading ranges like Corolla or Camry.

The exterior design of the car features a low line with a cabin that is slightly forward located near the wheelbase, allowing the entire car to sit on the low site. To help improve safety and visibility the windscreen has been produced to be super thin with Toyota calling the door opening a ‘swan wing’ further emphasising its unconventional slimness. On the other hand, the front door windows make up for the odd shape given the fact that the triangle corner windows are some of the largest that are on any car right now.

Apparently, the entire car is meant to be conceptual given the fact that the headlamps are carefully wrapped above the fenders and protected by a grille. The rear lamps are similarly crafted into the car with the edges left trailing a bit to create a bit of a winged effect from those travelling behind the car.

There is not a lot of information about the actual power train that will go into the NS4, but they have released a great deal of smaller personal features such as a multi-touch screen user interface that controls audio, heat and more, as well as the ability for the car to actually memorise user preferences.