Ninth generation of Honda Civic

Honda is a company that is known for caring about its customers by creating reliable cars of the highest quality. Many people who buy Honda will often buy again in the future. It was recently announced the ninth generation of Honda Civic is to be released.

The car has a lot to live up to in the looks department as the 2006 Civic is probably one of the best looking cars in its class on the road. This new model has been changed slightly and has a ride that is 20 mm lower and the car itself is 10 mm wider, rather than add to the attractiveness of the car however, this makes it seem rather more cluttered than its predecessor.

Furthermore there seems to be more plastic on the car which is never a good look. The airdam might be important to the aerodynamics of the car but to look at it is much too chunky and takes away a great deal of the cars attractiveness.

Looking at the car from the side and this feeling of the car being over cluttered continues, in the 2006 model the wheel arches looked smooth but here they are not and this can be rather irritating on the eyes. At the back of the car it seems that visibility has been compromised in terms of looks and the midscreen bar is rather annoying when you are actually driving the vehicle. One major problem with the 2006 model was the lack of windscreen wiper on the upper screen, they’ve listened to customers and added one for this model.

Inside the car, it seems that rather than actually redesigning it they have simply made some tweaks to how it looks. Other than minor cosmetic changes the only real change seems to be the inclusion of a multilevel information display, while this can be useful, it does not have the ability to tell you how many miles you can do on the fuel you have left.

The boot of the car is spacious and the driving position is good. A nice addition to this latest model is the inclusion of a leather steering wheel which is very enjoyable to grip onto.

One of the few problems with the 2006 Civic was the amount of noise in the car. Feedback from the road and poor sound insulation meant that there was more noise in the car then you would want. This new model has made some effort to address this but there is still more noise than is pleasant.

The ride of the car is quite unusual, at some moments it seems far too soft and at others too hard. The car will float over a crest but then will seem to lack control at other moments. It is a shame that this is the case because the other mechanical aspects of the car are exceptional. The engine as well as the gearbox are excellent and if you go for a top of the range model you all have a powerful car.

Unfortunately the steering is also rather disappointing and you will find it is a bit light for your liking. There also seems to be a complete lack of feedback and feel from the road and you will probably feel you are getting more information from the sound produced from the tyres.